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The Jyotish of Now — August 8, 2020

There is no doubt now that we are living through the turning of the ages. We are no longer on the precipice of a great transition — we are in the midst of it.

Every single day, major historic events unfold and are forgotten in the chaos of whatever happens next. The pace and power of the intersecting crises our species now faces is impossible to ignore.

Though it can be terrifying in its scope, the path through fear is paved with curiosity. Together, let’s use sidereal astrology to examine the themes and collective lessons available to us in this transformative moment.

In this interactive discussion, we will ask what the fire element wants to teach us in August. We will check the historical record as the lunar nodes prepare to change signs as they do every 18 months. And we’ll take a close look at the explosion in Beirut and see what we can learn.

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