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Sponsor the Conference

If your company would like to connect with the Colorado Ayurveda community and beyond, click below and reach out!

Thank You to All Our Sponsors!

We ask you to please support the organizations that support our Colorado Ayurveda community.

Our work to preserve and promote Ayurveda is not possible without their generous investments.

The 2023 Colorado Ayurveda Conference is presented by:

Organic India offers a wide range of Ayurvedically-aligned teas, herbs and supplements.

They are unwaveringly committed to elevating environmental stewardship beyond "sustainable — incorporating bio-regenerative farming practices that improve the environment with every crop cycle.

The current expression of that commitment is the economic and cultural revitalization of rural farm communities with 3,000 farm partnerships as well as community health care, education and inclusive social change for women.

COLORAMA is proud to associate with an organization so truly devoted to holistic health for people and our planet through the application of traditional Ayurvedic principles and ecological regeneration.

Silver Sponsors


Bronze Sponsors

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Special Sponsors

offering their priceless gifts to serve the Colorado Ayurveda community

Earth Tones logo.png

Earth Tones is a home-grown outfit offering full-service, world-class audio/visual production, recording and consultation. Valerie & Brian specialize in live events, online courses and gong sound healing services.


/ Ark ah pell ago / is a social place where people work, gather and grow. Located in an iconic mansion in Denver, it is equipped with work areas, sauna, cold plunge and event space to create your best day, every day.


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