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Transit List - Fall/Winter 2020

Here is a list of the major planetary movements for the remainder of 2020. I will update it if I or you find anything missing.

I hope this will serve as a useful reference tool for you. For in-depth interpretation, please sign up to receive The New Moon Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

— Friday, 16 October:

New Moon in Virgo (Chitra)

Moon enters Libra

Sun enters Libra

— Saturday, 17 October:

Navaratri begins

— Thursday, 22 October:

Venus enters Virgo (debilitation) until 16 November

— Sunday, 25 October:

Vijaya Dasami (completion of Navaratri)

— Saturday, 31 October:

Daylight Savings Ends

Samhain (Halloween)

Full Moon in Aries (Bharani)

— Tuesday, 3 November:

Mercury in Libra turns Direct until January 30, 2021

— Friday, 13 November:

Mars in Pisces turns Direct

— Saturday, 14 November:

New Moon in the last degree of Libra (Vishakha)

Diwali (Festival of Lights)

— Sunday, 15 November:

Sun enters Scorpio until 15 December

— Monday, 16 November:

Venus enters Libra until 10 December

— Thursday, 19 November:

Jupiter enters Capricorn

— Thursday, 26 November:

Thanksgiving Day

— Friday, 27 November:

Mercury enters Scorpio

— Sunday night/Monday Morning, 29/30 November:

Full Moon in Taurus (Rohini)

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (02:42 Mountain time)

Fully visible across all of North America; visible at Moonset in South America and Australia + SE Asia

— Thursday, 10 December:

Venus enters Scorpio until January 3, 2021

— Monday, 14 December:

New Moon in the last degree of Scorpio (Jyestha)

Total Solar Eclipse (09:13 Mountain time)

Visible across South America

— Tuesday, 15 December:

Sun enters Sagittarius until January 13, 2021

— Wednesday, 16 December:

Mercury enters Sagittarius until January 4, 2021

— Monday, 21 December:

Winter Solstice

Capricorn Grand Conjunction (Saturn and Jupiter cross paths)

— Wednesday, 23 December:

Mars enters Aries

— Friday, 25 December:

Christmas Day

— Tuesday, 29 December:

Full Moon in Gemini (Mrgashira)

— Thursday, 31 December:

New Year’s Eve

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